Coat River Island / Top Zara / Jeans Topshop / Birkenstocks / Backpack Primark

After a warm New York summer and travelling in California for 3 weeks, coming back home to a British summer was quite a shock for me! I'm finding the weather very hit and miss and although the sun does get his hat on (occasionally) I tend to bit quite chilly when out and about. I'm constantly wishing for another heat wave but I fear that autumn is well and truly on its way. Alas I'm now digging out the winter coats whilst still attempting to keep the rest of my outfit summery, mixing up lighter denim and some summery prints. 



Shirt DKNY / Joni Jeans Topshop / Boots ZARA / Clutch Fiorelli via ASOS

I have always been a massive fan of a double denim look and this (over-worn) patchwork shirt adds interest to solid denim look. This 'summer' has been pretty wet so I'm already digging out my winter booties. These electric blue boots have been a favourite of mine as I've worn them all year round. They add a splash of colour to a dull winter day or I use them as an easy throw on with a pretty summer dress.



Jacket Ralph Lauren / Top H&M / Skirt ZARA / Belt Vintage / Birkenstocks

So my New Year's resolution was to inject some more print and pattern to my wardrobe, and I can tell you now, I have absolutely fallen in love with mixing prints and trying out new ways to wear my patterned pieces. This combo is an easy way for you to try out the mix-and-match idea with the help of a monochrome pattern to ease you in. The monochrome slightly tones down the outfit so you don't become a sight for sore eyes with too much clashing colour! I found this moo cow skirt in the ZARA sale back in january and it has definitely become a wardrobe favourite. I highly recommend you to hunt down a monochrome patterned piece you feel comfortable wearing!



Shirt Vintage / Crop Top Topshop / Skirt American Apparel / Trainers Nike

Guess who's back? Back again. Shady's ba---
Erm...yeah. So after a short hiatus from my blog I am back! To fill in the gaps for those of you who don't know - I was living in New York Cityyyy for the past year, completing a few internships as part of my placement year at university. I also managed to squeeze on a month of travelling down the US west coast throughout July, which was amazing! I have now moved back to england and will be returning to my student city of Nottingham in September to complete my final year of university arghhh! Scary how time flies!

Anyway, now I am back in england it will be a lot easier to resume with the blog posts and to be involved with the online community once again! I hope you can all welcome me back; I've missed you!



Shoes H&M

Fell in love with these babies when I saw the girl infront of me paying for them at the till. Of course I rushed back to grab them for myself. 
The perfect minimal chunky sandal. Whatcha think?



Jacket Topshop / Shirt DKNY / Trousers Primark / Shoes Urban Outfitters //

Oh hey blog! Long time no see! I'll be totally honest with you, I've been stuck in a style crisis for the past two months, wearing the same weekly outfits to match my repetitive weekly routine (hence the lack of blogging). The weather has been getting me down with the constant freezing temperatures and a small dose of home-sickness hasn't really helped either. However I feel Spring is finally on it's way with warmer temperatures and I'll be able to delve in to a whole new dimension of wardrobe wonders. I hope you've all kept well in my absence.